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Career Touchdown

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What Is a Career Coach?

A career coach is a trained professional who provides expert advice, support and guidance to those who are seeking career success. They can also be a sounding board for career advice during your career transition and job search process. A career coach will empower you to reach your career goals and will challenge you to do your best. A career coach is an objective observer and listener who can provide you with insights more clearly. They will help you learn to succeed and unlock your potential to maximize your performance. An effective career coach will give you a competitive advantage by providing expert advice in areas such as interviewing, promotion/advancement techniques, networking, job search strategies, and negotiating.

Step Your Game Up!

You’re only a play away from a new career and we can help you reach the end zone.

  • Get the Strategic Career Advantage
  • Create a plan of action for your career goals
  • Map a strategic career transition
  • Uncover the hidden job market
  • Build relationships through effective networking
  • Land more interviews with a powerful resume
  • Nail the interview process through research and preparation

Put in the Work

Focus Forward

What if I get laid off, or want to change fields?

No one plans for major career shifts like these, but sometimes they’re unavoidable. Your coach will be at your side and make the tough transitions smoother for everyone – from an early retirement, to a severance negotiation or even a company closing. Whether it’s a management or frontline position, you’ll have our full support, including:

  • Career Change & Retirement Coaching
  • Industry Research
  • Customized resume writing and marketing packages
  • Job Search Strategy Sessions
  • Layoff Notifications
  • Managing Change
  • Networking Skills Development
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Onsite Workshops
  • Targeted Recruiter Campaigns
  • Social Media / On-line Management

What Should I Expect During a Coaching Session?

A session with a career coach is typically one hour face-to-face or remote. We will review your career objectives and begin to map out a clearly defined path towards your goal. A career coaching session is designed to reach some of the following:

  • Uncover the hidden job market by effectively networking
  • Secure more interviews with a powerful resume
  • Create a plan of action for your career transition
  • Develop a strategy to advance in your current field / organization
  • Maximize results during the interview process
  • Overall improvement of your quality of life

How can I Benefit From Career Coaching?

  • Better position for career opportunities in a competitive job market
  • Career or Industry change
  • Enhanced confidence in negotiating, interviewing and/or networking skills
  • Promotion and advancement opportunities
  • Recently downsized or laid off
  • Relocating to a new area
  • Contemplating retirement options

How many sessions & how do I get started?

The number of coaching sessions will vary on the individual. However, we require a minimum of 3 sessions (within 12-weeks) to ensure the full effect of the coaching experience.



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