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Human Resources

Cultivating People & The Places They Work


Nurturing People

Engaged, energized employees don’t just appear – they’re grown. This means consistent nurturing of the whole person, from the workplace and beyond. Tate and Associates sees every employee as a person first, whether it’s in the board room or the break room. Then we deliver the right balance of communication, training and coaching interaction that allows that employee to bloom. The result is a thriving team, committed to furthering your company’s success and unique corporate culture.

Adding Tate and Associates to Your Team Gives You:

  •  Unparalleled executive HR management with over 50 years of experience
  •  Controlled HR costs, without the hassle and expense of hiring additional staff
  • Custom-tailored tools, processes and systems to engage your employees
  • Freedom to focus on building your business, while we focus on nurturing your people

Human Resource Capabilities


The world of HR can be overwhelming, especially if you’re juggling it with other tasks. Government requirements are constantly changing, and agencies like EEOC, DOL, or ICE can appear on your doorstep at any time to request documentation. Don’t worry. Tate and Associates will handle any or all of your projects to prevent fines, litigation, or damage to your company’s reputation.

Our administrative services include:

  • HR Consultation & Administration
  • HR Coaching & Development
  • Benefit Programs (partner resources)
  • Safety & Health Training
  • Workers Compensation Administration
  • Special HR Projects


Audits & Compliance

State and federal laws and regulations change nearly every month, making it a daunting task to stay up-to-date with new requirements. Tate and Associates is ready to review your systems, policies and processes – and we’re completely transparent about it. We’ll show you everything you’re doing right, and any areas you could face potential problems.

Our expertise with audits and compliance include:

  • Affirmative Action Compliance/ AAP Plans
  • (EEO) Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance
  • (FLSA) Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance
  • Human Resources Risk Assessment Audits
  • Employee Investigations
  • I-9 / E-Verify Audits
  • HIPAA Compliance


Systems & Processes

A simple operations tune-up can make all the difference – not just in improved efficiency, but also in increased employee morale and engagement. Tate and Associates knows exactly which programs or technologies you need to streamline your processes and reduce expenses.

We’re experts in:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Attendance Monitoring & Tracking
  • Electronic File Management
  • Employee Documentation
  • HR Information Systems
  • Records Retention
  • COBRA / HIPAA Administration

The Right People in the Right Roles

Hiring employees is a lot like gardening. You have to know what to plant, where to plant it, and how to care for it; you also have to know how the whole garden grows together. Bad hiring decisions lead to “weeds” that drain resources and choke out productive plants.

Tate and Associates has been strategically planting and cultivating employees for decades, so we know how to identify the skills, talent and attitude your company needs. We’re also experts at spotting future leaders within your organization to groom for succession.

Cultivating the right skills in the right hires, including:

  • Executive Search
  • Talent / Staff Recruiting
  • Interviewing & Selection
  • Union / Labor Relations
  • Executive / Management Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Outplacement / Employee Separations
  • Succession Planning

Custom Tools Make All the Difference

It’s more than just about looking good – the right HR tools show an employee he’s joining a company that cares, with a corporate culture that values him as a person. Tate and Associates has an extensive library of resources that ensure proper records, comprehensive information and foolproof employee onboarding.

Choose as many as you need:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Human Resource Forms
  • New Hire Package / Reporting
  • Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Background Checks
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Reviews
  • Exit/Stay Interviews




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