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Being An Everyday Leader (Even When You Aren’t The Boss)

Most people think that they can only be a leader when they are in a position of power. That’s just not true at all. Being a real leader has nothing to do with position titles or how much money you make. Leaders are people who take initiative when something needs...
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How to Stop a Bully in the Workplace

You would think that the act of bullying would stop once high school was over. Think again. Research from University of Phoenix showed that almost 75% of employees surveyed had been affected by workplace bullying, whether as a target or a witness So what exactly is...
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Why Office Romances Could Hurt Your Career

When you work long hours and barely have time to date, it’s no surprise that you could fall for a coworker. You could rationalize that the relationship makes sense because you both know each other and have mutual interests. However, there are real risks when...
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The Toxic Environment: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the recent termination of Bill O’Reily at FOX News due to sexual harassment claims. Unfortunately, this sort of behavior still exists in the modern workplace. Many times, women won’t speak up due to...
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Cultivating People & The Places They Work

Planting Strategic Seeds

Big growth starts with small seeds. Tate and Associates digs deep into the details of your company to produce an HR plan that doesn’t just fit, but grows and evolves as your company does.

Cultivating Relationships

Surrounding yourself with the right partners is powerful. Tate and Associates is a vast network of trainers, recruiters and HR all-stars sharing a common vision: to make every employee your best employee.

Human Resources

The world of HR can be overwhelming, but we love it. We’ve helped countless employees flourish and hundreds of companies grow. Are you our next success story?

Career Coaching

Anyone can find you a job. We want you to find your calling! What are you passionate about? Let’s start taking steps toward your true purpose today!

Training & Development

Success comes from training – and we’re ready to challenge your team with amazing coaching experiences, produced with your unique culture in mind.

Nurturing People So Companies Thrive

Whether your organization is lacking an hr department or your realize your hr department is in need of immediate help – strategic human resource partnerships is the perfect relationship for you.


Connecting people together


Fit any corporate style and culture


Innovative ideas and solutions


Growth Realized


If your answer is YES, let’s talk!

  1.  Is your current HR team stretched in multiple directions, struggling to stay current with industry regulations?
  2. Are you seeking to grow current leaders, develop future leaders and create a vibrant corporate culture?
  3. Do you want to fully align your HR activities with your business strategy?
  4. Do you want energized employees, full committed to your company’s values and strategic plan?


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