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Training & Development

Cultivating People & The Places They Work

You Become What You Train To

Tate and Associates believes a company is only as successful as its training – not just for one day a year, or an annual retreat weekend. The best companies see training as a daily activity, coaching each and every employee toward a common vision. But your daily to-do list is already jam packed running your business, so we’re ready with individualized development projects or long-term, company-wide training programs.

Energetic Presentations

The right speaker makes the difference between just another dinner event and an unforgettable experience that elevates your company’s culture. Whether you need a four-hour workshop on salesmanship, or a luncheon keynote on leadership, Tate and Associates will deliver the right message – and an electrifying speaker who’ll challenge and inspire your audience.

Strategic Planning & Team Building

Planning and managing teams requires objectivity – and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. Tate and Associates’ facilitators balance bold communication with strategic thinking, and add just enough tough love that your attendees maintain a clear vision of your company’s goals and a deeper respect for each other. And we hold you accountable with quarterly follow-ups to ensure your teams are actively moving forward with your plan.

Executive Coaching

Leaders take the long view, growing their skills for today and ensuring their legacies for tomorrow. Your Tate and Associates coach will work with your entire management team or one-on-one to review current leadership styles, and help you refine them for current challenges or career advancements. We’ll also help you identify and groom future leaders for seamless succession planning. Click here for more information on our coaching services.

Custom Training Programs

Employees all learn differently, and no company is alike. Would onsite training with a high-energy trainer work best for you, or does your staff need online, on-demand offerings? Tate and Associates stands ready to help with custom projects, like software training or new product launches, or we can be your full-service training department. The choice is yours, so let’s talk today.




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