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It’s a jungle out there in the job market. I’ve seen many qualified candidates get overlooked for jobs…many not even getting a chance to interview.

Having a perfectly crafted resume and cover letter is just half the battle. There are some fundamental skill sets that can get an employer’ attention and give you a shot at landing the role:

  1. Leadership Skills  It’s not just about management anymore. It’s all about leadership. Employers like it when you hone your management style in a way that inspires others and makes them want to follow you. Have you looked for training and mentors? Managers like candidates that know how to develop their talent and motivate their team to strive further and achieve more.
  2. Digital savviness  All candidates should have a proficiency in the latest social media tools and digital technologies and be able to show that through hands-on training, projects that they have led, or certifications.
  3. Being a change agent  Have you been in a role that required you to identify opportunities for growth and make recommendations for new ways of operating? Have you had experience advocating for new initiatives? This kind of experience will serve you well when employers evaluate your job candidacy.
  4. Public speaking or storytelling abilities  Managers like candidates that know how to communicate with different groups of people. Demonstrating to your potential employers that you have these types of communication skills will impress them and make you stand out from your competition.
  5. Analysis Skills With companies becoming more data driven, it’s important that you can analyze large data sets and give clear and concise insights to your teams.

I hope these tips serve you well in your journey toward your dream career. And that’s exactly what it is…a journey. And sometimes we all need a little help getting there. Find out how you can elevate your career with me and we can work together to help you reach your destination.





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