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{Obama in my Business}  

Over the past week, I’ve seen several comments asking “What has President Obama done for you / or the Black Community.”

(Rewind) I started my business 8-years ago, a few months after President Obama took office.  The economy had tanked; the stock market was down and companies were laying off.  It was the worst time in the world to start a consulting firm.

(Fast forward)  Now 8-years later, I can say I’ve done pretty dayum good under the Obama Administration.

My scope of services has expanded; my client list has grown and folks who do work for and with me have benefited financially.  Let’s be real.  I don’t necessarily credit President Obama for getting me the contracts necessary to sustain and grow my business.  He didn’t call one single person and said, “You need to call Melva Tate.  She’s great.”  However, I will give credit to God for his Grace and Favor; the many associates who refer me for business opportunities and most importantly my friends and family members who Pray for my success daily.

So to answer the question, “Are you better off under this President / Administration”, my reply is a resounding Hell Yes!!!  We Good.  And thanks President Obama………(since we blame him for everything else)……..   #PutInTheWork



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