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Most people think that they can only be a leader when they are in a position of power. That’s just not true at all. Being a real leader has nothing to do with position titles or how much money you make. Leaders are people who take initiative when something needs to be done. They help other people around them be successful. Some people are just natural-born leaders. If you are concerned that you can’t demonstrate your leadership abilities, then think again!

The old adage is true: our success in life isn’t determined by what happens to us, but by our attitudes and actions in response to what happens.

Here are a few ways you can be a leader in any position at work:

Positive Words of Encouragement

Whenever you get the opportunity to build someone up, DO IT! Even though you may not think your words are meaningful, you never know the power of mentorship and acts of kindness.

Lead By Actions/Examples

More and more we live in a day and age where someone is always watching the actions you take! This is not only important in terms of your personal brand and image, but it also impacts those who look up to you.

And trust me, there is at least someone who looks to you as a role model, for wisdom, inspiration, and guidance.

Listen and Learn from Others

This is important for so many reasons and many times a skill that is overlooked. In every interaction, you have the opportunity to learn something about yourself and grow as an individual.


Everyday leaders recognize that to genuinely contribute, you need to cultivate a growth mindset and constantly ask yourself how you can better yourself in order to be the kind of changemaker you want to be.

Plan to Matter, Every Day

Moments of impact don’t need to be accidental. Try asking yourself these every day:
What have I done today to be helpful? 
What have I done today to make it more likely I will learn something?
What have I done today to make it more likely someone else will learn something?
Have I said something positive about someone to their face today?
Have I said something positive about someone when they aren’t in the room today?
What have I done today to be good to myself?

If you are wanting to grow your own leadership abilities at work or find opportunities where you can better demonstrate your strengths, learn about my career coaching services that can help you become the kind of professional you dream of being.



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